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A good night’s sleep is necessary for a happy, healthy lifestyle. Without much-needed rest, our personal and professional performance will be hindered and drop. A supportive, comfortable bed is of paramount importance in regards to enjoying healthy rest. A bed is an investment that can become part of your daily routine for years and years so it is important to pick the right one.

Bed Guide

Leather Bed

The leather bed is as fashionable as it is functional. Dark leather compliments sophisticated room styles. Leather is strong and durable so can support a thick mattress perfect for a deep night’s sleep for one or two adults.

Guest Beds

The nature of a guest bed’s existence means that it will not be used as regularly as other beds. Taking this into account, the guest bed can benefit from versatility as well as comfort. Fold out sofa beds are popular as they are not just wasted space when no one is sleeping on them.

Storage Beds

People are accruing more and more belongings today whilst over-population is leading to a widespread restriction of space. Storage beds are proving popular as they provide the comfort of a good night’s sleep with the practical benefit of added storage. Safely and securely raising the mattress and springs opens up an ideal space for storing treasured belongings.

Mattress Guide

Open Coil

A basic and simple spring system where rows of strings are joined top to bottom with a spiral wire. This mattress provides a firm feel.

Deluxe Coil

The deluxe coil mattress is similar in form to the Open Coil system except it enjoys an added 2 inches providing extra comfort.

Memory Foam

Increasingly popular, the memory foam mattress uses reflex foam technology to provide extra comfort. The mattress reacts to body heat and moulds to individual body shape. The mattress helps promote good blood circulation. The memory foam is available in 6” 8” and 10” options.


Quality pillow support is important for your back and neck. Choosing the right size and softness will reduce the chance of neck, head and back pains in the morning.