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Care guides

Your bed is an investment that can co-exist with you for many happy years. It is vitally important therefore to care for your bed to ensure longevity.

Upon delivery

  • Allow your bed to breath for a while when placed in the bedroom before putting on your mattress protector and linen.
  • If you are simply buying a new mattress, the original bed base needs to be strong and supportive otherwise the quality
    of the mattress will be compromised.
  • Ensure that you have thoroughly and properly read the manufacturer’s care guide.

Daily Care

  • Using a mattress protector helps avoid stains and reduces dust.
  • Turn down your bedding each morning to help air you mattress.
  • Avoid using a vacuum cleaner when changing the linen, brush the mattress with a soft brush instead.
  • Attend to stains and spills immediately
  • Avoid standing or sitting on your mattress or sitting on the edge of the bed for prolonged periods of time.
  • Flips the mattress every fortnight for the first six months.

Frame, pillow and storage care

  • Ensure that all bolts, screws, legs and castors haven’t with regular checks.
  • Plump pillows regularly.
  • Change pillows every three years.
  • Try to store only light items such as pillows and linen rather than heavier goods.